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​"The purposes of CRFG shall be to encourage and further public and scientific research, education and preservation of plants worldwide that have edible seeds, fruit, leaves, stems or roots."      -- CRFG Mission Statement

Central Coast Chapter




California Rare Fruit Growers

What Is CRFG?

What We Do

Dragon Fruit

California Rare Fruit Growers is the largest amateur fruit-growing organization in the world, with members in 48 states and US territories, and in 35 countries.

The CRFG song will tell you why CRFG is for you!

Visit the State CRFG Website:

Annual Scion Exchange

Learn To Graft!


February Mtg: 3rd Saturday

Free to the public!

You'll find rows of tables laden with bags of scions from a wide variety of trees. Choose the scions you want to graft to your trees or rootstock. You'll even find experienced grafters here who will demonstrate multiple ways to graft.

Chapter Newsletters

The Leaflet


Read our monthly newsletter and find out where we've been, what we've been doing, and what we've learned at our monthly meetings, plus other information of interest!


And Other Useful Information


Chapter member notes on growing fruit trees on the Central Coast; identifying low chill fruit trees; explanation of chill hours;
recommended watering techniques; vermacomposting at home; peach leaf curl; CRFG videos, including those of our very own chapter member, the inimitable Joe Sabol.

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Apple Picking


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Central Coast Chapter

About Us

Gardening Tools

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Our chapter is one of 23 CRFG chapters.  We tour local orchards, learn and teach about grafting and propagating, interact with the agricultural departments at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Cuesta College North Campus, and provide student scholarships.

Annual Pruning Workshop

Hands-on Pruning!


January Mtg: 2nd Saturday

Free to the public!
We have a different guest speaker each year to help improve our pruning skills. The speaker will explain all about pruning fruit trees. We then go to our Demonstration Orchard for hands-on pruning experience!

School Grafting Program

Teaching Students How To Graft!


Each year our Chapter educates hundreds of students about the grafting process. We visit schools (primarily high schools) in several counties. We teach the students how to graft an apple scion to rootstock. This program's purpose is to stimulate the interest of young people in growing fruit trees.

Join Us On Facebook

Share Your Stories!


Find out what our members are sharing and share your own stories on the Central Coast CRFG Facebook page!

Chapter Calendar

Meetings & Events

Girls Picking Apples

Our Chapter learns from a wide variety of speakers and programs. We visit members' homes, gardens, orchards, and commercial organizations. We meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month, except February when we meet on the 3rd Saturday. Guests and visitors are welcome to meetings (unless otherwise specified).

Demonstration Orchard

Over 80 Fruit Trees


Our Demonstration Orchard is located on the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Campus off of Highland Drive. From its conception in 1997, it now contains more than 80 trees, many of which are low-chill. The orchard provides an environment to teach pruning, grafting, fruit tasting, and fruit tree care.


Cal Poly Fruit Science Students


Chapter volunteers work with Dr. Lauren Garner, Fruit Science Professor at Cal Poly SLO. The committee reviews applications of qualified Fruit Science students and recommends awardees. Income from the sale of rootstock, pheromone loops, birdnet and various plant sales helps to fund the program.

Join Us On YouTube!

Learn From Videos


Watch interviews, demonstrations, meetings, tours, interviews, and tips from our members, hosts, and guests on the Central Coast CRFG YouTube channel!

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