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Central Coast Chapter Meetings

May Meeting

When: Saturday, May 8th

This meeting will be held via Zoom.


Where: At home, on your electronic device

Time: 1pm
The first half hour will be for people to log on and talk to each other. 


Art will open the meeting 15 minutes early, 12:45 noon, to help anybody needing help, and to chat. If you have trouble, please call Art at 805-801-9874.

Business Meeting: 1:30 p.m.
Please log on prior to 1:30 p.m. 


  • TBD

  • Dara will give an update on the CRFG Orchard Bioreactor effort.

To Join Zoom Meeting by Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone:


  1.  If you have never used Zoom before, download the Zoom 
software on your computer, or the Zoom app on your
 smartphone or tablet.  When you click on the meeting's Zoom link in your browser, you'll be prompted to install the Zoom software if you don't already have it on your device.


  2. Click on the link below at the appropriate time:
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  3. Enter this Meeting ID:
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To Join Zoom Meeting by Landline or Flip-phone:

  1. Call 1 669 900 6833

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Zoom Meeting Rules

1. If you have extraneous noise at your home, please mute yourself.

2. Best Practice: Mute yourself when not speaking.

3. During the business portion of the meeting, all participants (with the exception of the presenters) will be muted.

4. If asked, please unmute yourself.

5. When muted, please use SPEAKER VIEW.

6. Use GALLERY VIEW when socializing; use SPEAKER VIEW all other times.

7. When muted, please use the “questions” and “chat” feature to ask questions.

8. If you have technical issues, please let us know in “chat”.

Virtual Avocado Field Day

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 (1 – 3pm)

A message from Claire Balint
Center for Sustainability, Cal Poly


“I wanted to let you know that the CRFG Movers and Shakers are very much invited to attend the Virtual Avocado Field Day that we are putting on with Ben Faber on April 14th. Students from the Brock Center have been helping me create video segments with Lauren Garner and David Headrick.”

Registration is free at:


Zooming to Healthier Trees and Soils


Pruning strategies for optimum yield and quality
Gabriel Filipe, Sr Director of CA Sourcing and Farming, Mission Produce

Trialing new rootstock varieties
Lauren Garner, Professor of Horticulture, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Scouting for pests and updates on biological pest control
David Headrick, Professor of Entomology, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Building berms for hillside orchards
Johnny Rosecrans, Sr Farm Technician, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Cover crops and soil health
Charlotte Decock, Asst Professor of Soil Science, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


Ben Faber, Soils/Water/Subtropical Crops Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension
Claire Balint, Interim Director, Cal Poly Center for Sustainability


Presented in partnership with the California Avocado Society, Inc., California Avocado Commission, and UC Cooperative Extension as part of the California Avocado Growers Seminar Series and the CDFA Healthy Soils Program.

July 10th Meeting Will Be "In-Person!"

Great news! July will be our first “in person” meeting since the pandemic hit. We'l be meeting in the CRFG Orchard. So many reasons you'll want to attend:

  • See if you can identify your friends when they are not assembled in a grid pattern!

  • Alisha will be providing lunch! Be sure to RSVP with Alisha so she can get an accurate head count:

  • We're trading plants! Have you propagated or otherwise accumulated a bunch of plants during the pandemic? Here's your chance to exchange them with others or just give them away. Bring your bug-free, snail-free, weed-free plants to this meeting.


  • Get a workout hoeing weeds, digging out invasive grasses, removing suckers, raking, painting trunks and limbs to prevent them from burning, or replacing the shingles on the kiosk roof. Or just come and try out the swing Jesse made!

Again, be sure to RSVP with Alisha so she can get an accurate head count for lunch:



Prior to the outbreak of coronavirus, our meetings were usually held the afternoon of the 2nd Saturday of the month, except in February when it was held on the 4th Saturday.  In general we gathered at 1pm for socializing and refreshments, then the meeting begins at 1:30.

Most of our meetings were open to the public. We encourage the public to join and learn with us!

Please check out our meeting manners prior to attending.

No pets at any meeting, please!

Our Best CRFG Manners While Visiting Homes, Nurseries, Growers, etc.

1. We never bring pets to meetings/tours and we never even ask if we may!

2. We do our best to use public facilities or our own restroom before the meeting.

3. We do our best not to ask to go inside the hosts’ home.

4. We never pick fruit, flowers, foliage, weeds, seed pods and we never even ask.

5. We do our best to car pool and park with great respect to our host and the neighborhood.

6. We never talk when our host is talking. We do our best to stay up close when given a tour.

7. We never “take over” the tour and tell everyone how we do it at our home!!

8. We have thoughtful questions but try not to ask questions that embarrass our host.

9. We do our best to help our host feel good, feel appreciated. We clean up our mess.

10. We stay on the path, with our host …and never go walking around on our own unless given permission by the host.

11. At the end of the tour, we make a special effort to thank the host. We “gather up” and have some sort of “closure” to the tour.

12. We even write thank you notes when we get home, especially if we asked a lot of questions, were impressed, were surprised, were treated well. We write thank you notes even when we are not the leader!