Shell Beach at sunset.  Picture taken from the Pismo Preserve.

Central Coast Chapter Meetings

August 14th, 2021
Residence of Seth and Keri McMillan & McMillan Farmstead Nursery


Date: August 14th, 2021


Time: 1-1:30 p.m.:  Gathering and socializing

           1:30 p.m.: Meeting begins

Where: Residence of Seth and Keri McMillan &

              McMillan Farmstead Nursery

              601 Camino Caballo, Nipomo CA


  1. Take Hwy 101 to Nipomo.

  2. Take the Tefft St. exit.

  3. Turn West on to Tefft St.

  4. Turn Right on Pomeroy Rd.

  5. Turn Right on to Camino Caballo.

Refreshments: Last names A-I bring snacks.

It’s been 6 years since Keri has seen her husband, Seth.  He has been outside ever since they bought their home on one acre in Nipomo with the finest mesa sand.  There were a few established fruit trees when they moved in.  Quickly Seth knew he needed to start with a Hass avocado and planted it in the lowest spot on the lot (he had a lot to learn).  Keri pitched in with a Sweet Heart Apricot, Collette Pear and a Burbank Elburta Peach tree.  Then she did it, Keri got Seth a membership to the CRFG and they attended their first meeting with the Central Coast CRFG.


Since 2016 Seth has become a full blown fruit addict planting thousands of seeds, citrus, stone and pome fruits as well as Paw Paw, Cherimoya, White Sapote and many more avocado trees in their orchard.  They have brought in hundreds of yards of wood chips, compost and horse manure to promote soil health and keep water use to a minimum.  They emphasize building soil and no spray in their orchard.  They have built hügelkultur mounds and are pushing the limits of a not so favorable growing site.

Last year Seth started a commercial nursery where he grows rare avocado, cherimoya and white sapote among others.  Their favorite space is the new 1200 sq ft green house where it’s always summer!  

Seth and Keri’s address is 601 Camino Caballo Nipomo.  Ample parking is provided on the street.  There is no need to RSVP for the August CRFG meeting.  If you are interested in visiting the nursery at any other time please feel free to call or email Seth at (805)714-5937 or email   Follow them on Face Book and Instagram @mcmillanfarmstead 

McMillan Farmstead Nursery Greenhouse


The front orchard shown above in March 2015, and in 2019 below.



Start with burying big logs.

Add branches, wood chips, and compost.

Plant it up!


Prior to the outbreak of coronavirus, our meetings were usually held the afternoon of the 2nd Saturday of the month, except in February when it was held on the 4th Saturday.  In general we gathered at 1pm for socializing and refreshments, then the meeting begins at 1:30.

Most of our meetings were open to the public. We encourage the public to join and learn with us!

Please check out our meeting manners prior to attending.

No pets at any meeting, please!

Urban Gardening

Our Best CRFG Manners While Visiting Homes, Nurseries, Growers, etc.

1. We never bring pets to meetings/tours and we never even ask if we may!

2. We do our best to use public facilities or our own restroom before the meeting.

3. We do our best not to ask to go inside the hosts’ home.

4. We never pick fruit, flowers, foliage, weeds, seed pods and we never even ask.

5. We do our best to car pool and park with great respect to our host and the neighborhood.

6. We never talk when our host is talking. We do our best to stay up close when given a tour.

7. We never “take over” the tour and tell everyone how we do it at our home!!

8. We have thoughtful questions but try not to ask questions that embarrass our host.

9. We do our best to help our host feel good, feel appreciated. We clean up our mess.

10. We stay on the path, with our host …and never go walking around on our own unless given permission by the host.

11. At the end of the tour, we make a special effort to thank the host. We “gather up” and have some sort of “closure” to the tour.

12. We even write thank you notes when we get home, especially if we asked a lot of questions, were impressed, were surprised, were treated well. We write thank you notes even when we are not the leader!