Orchard History

Way back in 1997...

...the Central Coast Chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers hosted the state meeting, a "Festival of Fruits." A profit of just over $1500 was made. Co-chairs Jay Ruskey and Steve McShane created a committee and after much deliberation, debate, and discussion, the decision was made to "partner up" with Cal Poly and create a "community/demonstration orchard" for all to enjoy and share. The $1500 donation was made to the Crops Department and our partnership was formed with an informal contract signed by both parties.

Dr. Robert McNeil and Dr. Paul Fountain, Crop Science Department, identified a small corner of the new lemon orchard to be prepared for the planting of the deciduous trees. The location was on Highland Ave. just west of Stenner Creek and was less than one acre in size. A Highland Avenue gate was installed with a combination lock which allows all members of the CRFG to enter the orchard at any time.

The CRFG Community Orchard is located off Highland Drive on the Cal Poly Campus. It is just up the street from the Crops Unit (building 17) at the corner of Mt. Bishop and Highland Drive.

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