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Annual Pruning Clinic

Each year we invite a "guest pruner" to teach us techniques and tips- then we go out to our demonstration orchard to hone our skills!

The annual clinic is always held during our January meeting, the 2nd Saturday in January.


All CRFG members and the public are invited to attend!


Past guest pruners include Dean Harrell from Cuesta College; Tom Spellman from the Dave Wilson Nursery; Dr. Lauren Garner of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; Tom del Hotal from the CRFG San Diego chapter; and Joe Sabol, Larry Hollis, Art DeKleine, and Leslie Ferreira from our own Central Coast chapter.

Our chapter has a small "Demonstration Orchard" at Cal Poly with a wide variety of "low-chill" fruit trees donated by the Dave Wilson and Burchell Nurseries. Our orchard is an instructional resource for the Chapter and community.

Need Someone To Prune Your Fruit Trees?

If you live in the San Luis Obispo area, use the email below to send your information (what you are looking for, where you're located, number of trees/types, how much you are willing to pay, your contact information etc.). The information will be available to Cal Poly Plant Science students who are looking for work.

Deciduous Fruit Tree Pruning

CRFG Chapter member Larry Hollis wrote this excellent information about pruning for our January 2021 newsletter.  See page 18 for the start of the article.

Also check out this comprehensive article about Pruning Deciduous Fruit Trees by CRFG member Tom Del Hotal

Pruning 1-2 Year Old Trees and Dwarf Trees

This presentation was created for the 2017 CRFG Central Coast Pruning Workshop by chapter member Art DeKleine.

View the presentation by scrolling down within its box, or tap on the box if you are on a mobile device.


You can download the Powerpoint version (4MB).

The embedded video included in this presentation is "How to Prune Young Fruit Trees."

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