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School Grafting Program

Arroyo Grande High School Students

School Apple Grafting Project

The Central Coast Chapter educates hundreds of students annually about the grafting process. We visit schools, primarily high schools, in several counties and teach the students how to graft an apple tree and to stimulate their interest in growing fruit trees.

Joe Sabol of our Central Coast CRFG chapter and Cal Poly started the high school grafting project in 1998, and it has turned into an annual event. The Central Coast chapter buys apple rootstocks in large quantities so it can pass on the discount price to the schools. Then CRFG members, along with Cal Poly Ag Ambassadors, take the rootstocks to high schools and show the students how to graft. It has proven to be a win-win-win venture. Students win with their enthusiasm at the prospect of being able to "build" their own tree. CRFG members win with the satisfaction of seeing the enthusiasm of the students and the quality of their grafts.  Ag Ambassadors win by staying in touch with local high school students.  And the school agriculture teachers win with the low-cost/high-interest activity in their classrooms.

Grafting Day At Midland School

See what grafting day is like!

Video by Chapter member Alisha Taff

I've Grafted My Tree: What's Next?

Learn how to care for your new tree.

Want to learn more about fruit trees?
The State CRFG website includes:

San Luis Obispo High School students, and Cal Poly student and Central Coast CRFG helpers

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