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The CRFG application contains membership information.
We encourage everyone with an interest in fruit trees to join our local chapter, as well as joining the State CRFG organization.

The CRFG Central Coast Chapter

We learn from a wide variety of speakers and programs. We visit members' homes, gardens, and orchards. We tour commercial operations. We enjoy eating lots of fresh fruits and nuts!!

Our definition of "Rare Fruit" is rather open. Some of our members have only one or two fruit trees and are trying to get more fruit from these trees! Others own orchards and may run businesses based on those orchards. We have popular plant exchanges at several of our meetings and this is a great way to get started or add to your collection of fruit trees.

Guests and visitors are always welcome at our meetings. Our typical attendance at monthly meetings is between 50 and 60 people. We meet on the second Saturday of every month, including the summer months. The meetings usually start at 1:30 p.m. and rotate to a different location nearly every month. Please check out our meeting manners prior to attending.

Our Printable Flyer

This is the flyer we use at events to inform the public about CRFG and our chapter.  It contains information about the State CRFG organization, our local chapter, and an application for membership.

This two-page PDF is designed to be printed two-sided, then folded to create the readable pamphlet.  

History of the Central Coast Chapter

Our chapter was formed in the mid-1980s.  In 2022, Tom Sheldon interviewed co-founder and long time member Jack Swords and wrote this captivating history for posterity. Check out the history of the CRFG Central Coast Chapter.


Chapter Officers & Board Members

We elect or Chapter Officers & Board Members at our December meeting and often elect "Co-Chairs" to share the leadership responsibilities for our chapter. We have our own Board of Directors where long range planning and much of the business of our Chapter is conducted.

2023 Chapter Officers

Chairman:   Linda Robertson  E-mail:

Vice-Chair:   Manny Magaña
Secretary:    Elaine Rathbun
Treasurer:    Dick Pottratz

2023 Committee Members

Program Committee: Sharon Lovelady, Chair;  Elaine Rathbun, Larry Hollis

Newsletter Editor:  Jenny Weaver

Newsletter Technical Consultant:  Tom Sheldon

Webmaster:  Dara Manker

Demonstration Orchard Co-Managers:  Dara Manker, Manny Magaña, Jesse Englert

Hospitality Committee:  Evelyn Ruehr, Chair; Eliane Rathbun, Karen Kolba

Welcoming & Membership Team: Keri McMillan, Keri Schmidt, Elaine Rathbun

Apple Grafting Team Coordinator:  Marv Daniels

Master Gardeners Liaison:  Linda Robertson

Publicity - Media Manager:   Sheri Thompson

Procurement Manager:   Gabrielle Robbins

Raffle Team:  Nell Wade, Chair; Kathy Longacre

Scion Exchange:   Tucker Schmidt, Chair

Scion Exchange Store Manager:   Roxy James

Rootstock Procurement & Sales:   Linda Robertson, Manny Magaña

Scholarship Program:  Karen Kolba, Linda Robertson, Tucker Schmidt, Lauren Garner (ex-officio)

Nominating Committee:  Larry Hollis, Chair; Nell Wade, Tucker Schmidt

Board of Directors: Officers & Committee Chairs, plus Gabrielle Robbins

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