CRFG Central Coast Chapter Newsletter

CRFG Central Coast Chapter Newsletters

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We Want To Hear From You!


Thank you to everyone who has contributed articles and stories for our newsletters. 


Do you have additional stories?  Please send them in!  We want to know what you've been doing in your gardens over the past few months.  Have you been grafting? Pruning? Propagating? What have you been planting? Have you been building garden boxes or fences? Pathways, walkways, or walls? Have you been creating art for your garden?

Inquiring minds want to know! Please share what you've been up to.

Please send your stories and pictures of your accomplishments. Or non-accomplishments: you can even show us pictures of your greatest weed challenges!  Or write an article about some garden-related topic!  For example, in April, Lori wrote two great articles about peach leaf curl and vermacomposting at home- check out the April Newsletter!  In August, Jenny contributed an article about a particularly revolting-looking larva.  Can you guess what it is?

We'll take the documents we receive and put them all together into one document. Your contributions will help create our next newsletter.


  • This document will be added as a PDF to our web page. It will be available to the general public. If you don't want to use your full name, you don't have to. You can just use your first name or even an alias. Please state if you don't want your name to appear.

  • In your document, please let us know what city or town you live in so that we can get an idea of your environment.


Please send your articles and pictures to

Thank you for sharing your stories!

Central Coast Chapter Newsletters


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HOS-NAFEX-CRFG Conference 2014

No newsletters in 2014.


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