CRFG Demonstration Orchard

Welcome to the Community Orchard!

Our CRFG demonstration orchard is located off Highland Drive on the Cal Poly Campus. From its conception in 1997, it now contains more than 70 trees, many of which are low-chill. Orchard enthusiasts and history buffs can read all about its history.


Every year during our January meeting, we invite a "guest pruner" to provide us all with a demonstration followed by a pruning session by the membership and guests. This is a great opportunity for members and guests to learn different pruning techniques, and to hone their skills! As with all CRFG Central Coast Chapter meetings, the public is always invited. See information and pictures in this 2014 article in the Tribune.

Orchard Wishlist

Are you able to donate any of these items to the Orchard?

  • Chicken wire or fencing to protect individual trees from deer

  • Post hole digger in good condition

Orchard Work (To-Do) List

Updated July 2021:

  • Pruning: focus on reducing height of Nectarines, Peaches, and Plums.

  • Whitewash trunks and limbs of any trees that are getting sunburned. Paint and brush in shed.

  • Dig out stumps

  • Fill squirrel holes

  • Make signs for new trees: row 2: Sprite Cherry Plum, Delight; row 4: pink wampee; row 8: guava; row 10: desert king/mission fig, russian quince; row 12: violette de bordeaux fig, panache fig; row 13: red guava, lemon guava, lucuma; row 14: conadria fig

Fruit Trees in the Orchard

Row 14:

Dragon Fruits, Passion Fruit, Conadria Fig, Parianka Pomegranate, Eversweet Pomegranate, Passion Fruits

Row 13:

Tropic Snow Peach; Donut Peach; Peach; Cherimoya; Cherimoya;

Red Guava; Lemon Guava;

Multi-grafted Peaches: Eva's Pride, Desert Gold, May Pride, and MidPride peaches;

Desert Gold with other peach grafts; Saijo Persimmon; Panache Fig


Row 12:

Red Baron Peach, Desert Delight Nectarine, Panamint Nectarine,

Apple Guava, Tasty Giant Peach, White Sapote,

Double Delight Nectarine, Arctic Star White Nectarine,

Desert Dawn Nectarine, Lucuma

Row 11:

Paw Paw, Paw Paw, 20th Century Asian Pear, Apricot, Chojuro Asian Pear, Guava, Mexicola Avocado, Seigyoku Asian Pear, Dapple Supreme Pluot, Syunt Pomegranate, Black Arkansas Apple

Row 10:

Pakistan Mulberry, Shinseiki Asian Pear, Smyrna Quince,

Surinam Cherries (2-in-1 planting), Desert  King/Mission grafted Fig, Russian Quince, Minnie Royal Cherry, Red Fuji Apple,

Royal Rosa Apricot, Shanxi Li Jujube

Row 9:

White Winter Pearmain Apple, Pettingill Apple, Royal Lee Cherry,

Gold Kist Apricot, Dorsett Golden Apple, Einshemer Apple,

Wickson Plum, Anna Apple


Row 8:

Sunracyer Nectarine, Guava, Flavor King Pluot, Flavor Queen Pluot,

Laroda Plum, Burgundy Plum, Flavor Granade Pluot

Row 7:

Tropic Beauty Peach, Florida Prince Peach, Toka Plum, Desert Gold Peach;
Multi-grafted tree: Santa Rosa Plum and Elberta Peach

Row 6:

Sunracyer Nectarine, Showtime Plum, Pineapple Pear,

Tropic Gold Apricot, Sunblaze Nectarine, TXW-1194-1 Peach


Row 5:

2-in-1 planting: Sunwright Nectarines;
3-in-1 planting: UF2000 Peach, Sunwright Nectarine, UF Queen Nectarine;
3-in-1 planting: UF Queen Nectarine, Crimson Baby Nectarine,

Tropical Snow Peach; Tropic Snow Peach; Tropic Beauty Peach


Row 4:

Keiffer Pear, Pink Wampee, Wonderful Pomegranate, Royal Lee Cherry

Row 3:

Hachiya Persimmon, Li Jujube, Jujube, Tropic Snow Peach


Row 2:

Fuyu Persimmon, Sprite Cherry-Plum with Delight Cherry-Plum graft,

Delight Cherry-Plum, Santa Barbara Peach

Row 1: Fuyu Persimmon

Orchard Map