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Central Coast Chapter Meetings & Other Events

Our Newsletter Keeps Everyone Up To Date. Send Us Your Photos & Events!  Let others know what's going on by sending your articles, photos, and event info to:  Please submit your items by the 15th of each month for inclusion in the next newsletter.

 CRFG Demonstration Orchard Maintenance Day, Saturday, March 16th, 2024: 9am - 12pm

Be sure to check here the morning of the workday for rescheduling or cancellations.

Parking at Cal Poly is free on Saturdays, no need to buy a parking pass.

We will be potting the remaining rootstock, digging out invasive weeds, digging holes for and planting some new young trees including a black and a red jaboticaba, putting name tags on trees, and late-pruning.  We will have snacks!

Bring: your water bottle, gloves, pruners, shovels, hoes, or any other of your favorite weed eradicating implements. 


Jaleah Brynn Memorial Tree Planting At 10 a.m.

At 10 a.m. we will plant a tree in honor of Chapter member Jaleah Brynn, who passed away on 10/9/2023.  Jaleah's friends have purchased a Jujube Li.  Please come to share your memories.


From Hwy 1, turn east on Highland Dr. onto the Cal Poly campus.  You'll pass a CRFG sign pointing to the orchard on the right-hand side.  You can either park in the Crops Unit dirt parking lot at the corner of Highland Dr. and Mt. Bishop road, or park along the dirt near the fence at the location shown in orange below.  Be careful of pedestrians and bikers, and do not block the walkway or bike path.  Walk back up to the CRFG orchard.

  April Meeting: Cal Poly Experimental Farm, Saturday, April 13th, 2024

Open to the Public

Bring: snacks to share and your folding chair.  Wear shoes suitable for walking on dirt.

From the Cal Poly CAFES (College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences) Experimental Farm website:

The Student Experimental Farm (SEF) is a two-acre farm and garden that has served as a hands-on living laboratory for Cal Poly students since 1989. In keeping with its name, it has been home to an interdisciplinary array of innovative appropriate technology projects, demonstrating everything from sustainable agriculture and horticulture to holistic management, aquaponics, alternative energy and green building. With a panoramic view of campus, it has also served as a popular meeting spot for classes, workshops and community gatherings.



Will be posted here as soon as it is available.



Cal Poly Campus

From Hwy 1, turn east on Highland Drive onto the Cal Poly Campus.  Turn left onto Mt. Bishop Road (the corner where the Crops Unit is).  In about 1200 feet the road will fork: stay to the right (Mt. Bishop heads off to the left).  There will be CRFG signs to guide you. 

Parking details will be shown here as soon as they are available.

  Future 2024 Meetings

Please note that these future meetings are subject to change.  Recheck this page closer to the date of each event.

More information about these events, including address details and times, will be provided here closer to each event.

May 11th, Saturday

Open to the public.

Black Diamond Vermicompost
5325 Broken Spur Place, Paso Robles CA 93446

June 8th, Saturday

Open to the public.

Seth Waite (Chapter member) Farm

July 13th, Saturday

Open to the public.

CRFG Demonstration Orchard Party

August 10th, Saturday

Open to the public.

Tour of Sha Palmer's property

September 14th, Saturday


October 12th Saturday


November 9th, Saturday

Open to the public.

Nipomo Active Garden

December 14th, Saturday

Members only.  This meeting alone is a good reason to join CRFG!

Annual Holiday Party, potluck, and plant exchange.


CRFG Demonstration Orchard Workdays

Be sure to check here the morning of each workday for rescheduling or cancellations.


Saturday, March 16th, 2024  9am - 12pm
We will be digging out weeds, putting name tags on trees, and late-pruning some trees.

At 10 am we will plant a tree in honor of Chapter member Jaleah Brynn, who passed away on 10/9/2023.  Please come to share your memories.

Sat July 6th, 2024  9am - 12pm

Sat Oct 26th, 2024  9am - 12pm


Our meetings are usually held on the second Saturday of the month, with the exception of the February meeting which is held on the third Saturday.  (The February meeting is the annual scion exchange and grafting instruction.)  In general our group gathers initially for refreshments and socializing, followed by the meeting.  This is not always the case though, so check this web page or our newsletter for details on each meeting.

Most of our meetings are open to the public.  We encourage the public to join us and learn with us!

Please read our "meeting manners" below prior to attending.  No pets at any meeting, please.

  Our Best CRFG Manners While Visiting Homes, Nurseries, Growers, etc.

  1. We never bring pets to meetings/tours and we never even ask if we may!

  2. We do our best to use public facilities or our own restroom before the meeting.

  3. We do our best not to ask to go inside the hosts’ home.

  4. We never pick fruit, flowers, foliage, weeds, seed pods and we never even ask.

  5. We do our best to car pool and park with great respect to our host and the neighborhood.

  6. We never talk when our host is talking. We do our best to stay up close when given a tour.

  7. We never “take over” the tour and tell everyone how we do it at our home!!

  8. We have thoughtful questions but try not to ask questions that embarrass our host.

  9. We do our best to help our host feel good, feel appreciated. We clean up our mess.

  10. We stay on the path, with our host …and never go walking around on our own unless given permission by the host.

  11. At the end of the tour, we make a special effort to thank the host. We “gather up” and have some sort of “closure” to the tour.

  12. We even write thank you notes when we get home, especially if we asked a lot of questions, were impressed, were surprised, were treated well. We write thank you notes even when we are not the leader.

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